Nanomaterials Synthesis Specialist in The Nanoinks and Nanomaterials Laboratory

Reference number: 20201101

We are looking for a Nanomaterials Synthesis Specialist to join our chemical laboratory team and work closely with the entire XTPL technology team to develop unique XTPL nanoinks. With profound knowledge and experience of chemical technology, the Nanomaterials Synthesis Specialist in the Nanomaterials and Nanoinks Laboratory will significantly contribute to the development of innovative, XTPL products and will focus on delivering company tasks and project goals both in an independent and teamwork manner. 


  • Implementation of R&D tasks as part of ongoing projects at the XTPL Nanoinks and Nanomaterials Laboratory;
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, and the development of new ink formulations for applications in printed electronics;
  • Quality control of manufactured materials;
  • Documenting research results in the form of reports, samplings and source codes;
  • Ensuring proper functioning of the laboratory, including development of technical documentation;
  • Providing the necessary materials and equipment calibration;
  • Close cooperation with other XTPL R&D Laboratories, i.e. the Application Laboratory, the Pre-Post Processes Laboratory, the Characterization Laboratory and the Mechatronics Laboratory.



  • A university degree in chemistry, chemical technology, materials engineering or in a related field;
  • A minimum of 1 year experience in the work with nanomaterials, pigments or other dispersion systems;
  • Practical knowledge of methods of synthesis, purification and analysis of nanomaterials;
  • Knowledge of physicochemistry of colloids and dispersion;
  • Ability to operate laboratory devices (spectrophotometer, rotary evaporator, pressure reactor, centrifuge, viscometer, etc.);
  • Operation of the following programs: Origin, MS Office;
  • Knowledge of English for engaging in scientific discussions, reading technical texts and drafting documentation;
  • Interest in various concepts and ideas, flexibility and constructive attitude towards change and unconventional solutions;
  • Strong teamwork, friendliness and communication skills.
  • Accountability for results – their consistency, quality and efficiency.



  • Experience in creating product and ink formulations;
  • Knowledge of the printed electronics or ink-jet industry.
  • Knowledge in other various printing techniques (flexography, gravure, screen-printing, etc.)
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