Reference number: 202304001

The position covers the supervision responsibility of manufacturing nanomaterials alongside with their formulation into finished products. The spectrum of work extends to the formulation and processing of reactive inks (particle-free), fully polymeric products (incl. precursors systems) or combinations thereof.

The manufacturing process will need to be in compliance with safety and environmental regulations and requires to follow quality standards, lead times and expected production costs to be respected. The position holds multiple responsibilities which include determining, planning and managing the necessary resources and workforce for the production to be carried on; overseeing of quality control procedures; reporting and bringing forward improvements to production efficiency. Excellent communication skills are required in order to ensure coordination with other departments.



  • Supervising the manufacturing of nanomaterials and their formulation into finished products while ensuring people/equipment/working environment’s safety
  • Overseeing and approving the maintenance of the manufacturing and processing equipment. Purchasing, or actively advising on, the necessary equipment to improve production efficiency
  • Respecting leads times and expected production costs
  • Determine necessary resources (workforce, raw materials, budget) and estimate production costs according to the production schedule
  • Resolving issues which may arise during production and proposing alternatives
  • Taking care of the good execution of analyses, quality control procedures and the description of the obtained values in the form of a database. Updating and filling-in of Certificate of Analysis (CoA) documents to ensure that the manufactured products respect the desired specifications and quality parameters
  • Ensuring proper tracking of production history (used raw materials and manufactured products)
  • Supervising the production team, evaluating performance, providing and implementing ways of improvement
  • Coordinating with the sales and logistics department to fulfill production and shipment requirements
  • Collaborate with the chemistry R&D department for organizing work related to up-scaling trials
  • Reporting to the management board in multiple forms (e.g. orally, written, presentations) and over key production metrics
    Collaborate with the chemistry R&D department for organizing work related to up-scaling trials / new product introductions alongside helping with the production of necessary documents (e.g. TDS, MSDS, CoA)



  • MSc in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry (or other relevant field) degree with proven experience (minimum 3 years) as either: process or scale-up engineer, operational production assistant or working in a support division related to production
  • Deep know-how of production procedures, systems, protocols for high quality materials and production management
  • Understanding of quality standards and quality control procedures
  • Expertise in chemical engineering and how to conduct higher-volume reactions
  • Knowledge over the methods used for the synthesis of nanoparticles for multiple elements (mainly silver, copper, gold). A tracked practical experience thereof will be of great advantage
  • Insight in the formulation of inks and pastes used in the field of printed electronics; solvent compositions, additives
  • Understanding of the multiple analysis techniques used in the characterization of nanoparticles, inks and pastes (ThermoGravimetric Analysis, UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Inductively Coupled-Plasma, Viscosity/Rheological measurements, techniques used in the measurement of resistivities)
  • Decision-making and problem-solving capabilities
  • Very good organizational skills, result driven
  • Excellent communication and team-leading skills
  • Proficient in MS Office



  • An opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team with a passion to create globally unique technological solutions
  • Attractive employment terms
  • Motivational package of fringe benefits
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