Quantum dots deposition

Additive manufacturing technology that allows deposition of quantum dots material with unparalleled precision, versatility and simplicity

Quantum dots are light-emitting nanocrystals that absorb light energy, and then in a response emit narrow spectrum with engineered wavelength.

The increasing demand for quantum dots results from the growing number of implementations, such as displays, which have lower power consumption while increased brightness and extended lifetime. Material- and time-consuming deposition methods used in this sector prove to be a challenge. Technologies currently used for quantum dots deposition are expensive, complex and slow. Constant pursuit of miniaturization of pixels and increased luminous efficiency of display devices further magnifies these limitations.

XTPL additive manufacturing technology allows for the deposition of quantum dots material with unparalleled precision, versatility and simplicity, reducing overall manufacturing cost.

Currently used state-of-the-art ink-jet printers deposit structures with a minimal diameter of 20 um, while the XTPL technology provides microdots as small as 1 um in diameter.

Quantum dots – pattern obtained with quantum dots based ink (QNA.ink) developed by QNA Technology dispensed with XTPL printing technology® and using XTPL printer®.

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