Transparent conductive films

Breakthrough technology that will facilitate manufacturing of new generation TCFs and provide sought-after technological independence from indium & flexibility.


  • standard TCF layers are currently based on indium-tin oxide (ITO)
  • TCF layers based on ITO are not flexible (a significant limitation for electronics manufacturers), they do not conduct enough electricity and have limited optical transparency
  • TCF layers based on ITO are expensive as indium is a rare element which supply on a global scale is mostly controlled by China (about 50% -60% of global production) and Korea (15% market share)



Image of 10 cm x 10 cm TCF sample obtained from Ag/Cu mesh with sheet resistance 22 Ohm/sq and optical transmission 93%. The width of printed lines is 5 µm and interlines distance is 500 µm. TCF was printed on the glass.

Interline distance

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