What are the key applications for XTPL technology?

What is unique in XTPL technology is the possibility of its application in many branches of industry. Our goal is to revolutionize in the first place the broad sector of PRINTED ELECTRONICS. Strong development of this market is due to the growing number of new applications of printed, flexible and organic electronics in various fields. XTPL technology will be used in many existing areas of printed electronics industry or – thanks to unprecedented precision of our solution – XTPL will enable the implementation of new ones. The technological revolution for this sector is based on enabling the production of complex and complicated devices with cheap and scalable methods. Just as today we cheaply and quickly print newspapers and books, in the future we will print displays, solar cells, biosensors and other elements.

Size of the market: 2017 – USD 29.3 Billion; 2027 – USD 73.4 Billion; CAGR 9.3% (forecast)



Below few examples showing applications in several areas of this market, worth billions of dollars each:



XTPL provides disruptive manufacturable technology for adding conductive nanostructures for various open defects repair applications with unparalleled precision. Our solution allows to repair interrupted conductive lines already in production stage using fast, simple & versatile method, leading to an overall lower production cost for the customers. XTPL provides the best competitive advantages from all current methods in the world and this factor is one of the reasons why here the Company expects its first industrial implementation.




The operation of displays, solar cells, touchscreens or smartphones include, among others, application of transparent conductive films (TCFs) with the highest possible neutrality to light (absorbed or emitted by the device) and, at the same time, with the highest conductance parameters. Currently, indium-tin oxide (ITO) TCFs are predominantly used. Due the limitations of ITO, technology companies around the world are looking for a next-generation TCF technology that could replace ITO. XTPL has developed such a technology providing: full transparency, excellent conductance parameters, low production costs due to the use of commonly available materials (i.e. silver) that can provide the sought-after technological independence from indium, flexibility of the conductive films, which will enable electronics manufacturers to develop and provide new generation of revolutionary solutions to customers.




XTPL solution meets the need of equipment manufactures in semiconductor sector for replacing photolithography with a simpler & cheaper method, yet one that allows for highest precision. Photolithography is highly complex, very expensive and not versatile technique, it requires both: an extremely clean substrate surface and ideal temperature conditions that are void of all contaminants, liquids & environmental hazards and is used only for flat surfaces in order to produce effective patterns. XTPL’s solution covers all those disadvantages providing sought after alternative in this sector.


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