What patterns can be achieved by XTPL method?

XTPL developed innovative printing-head and dedicated nanoinks allowing for ultraprecise dispensing and obtaining designed microstructures for various applications. What makes the XTPL solution unique is ultimate simplicity, unparalleled precision, speed & versatility. The shape of individual structures created with this method, their width, length and distance between them depend on the specific application requirements. The feature size of printed structures is one of the key parameters in this revolutionary additive technology. The solution ensures micrometric scale of structures (1 – 100 um) required by many advanced industry sectors. XTPL disruptive technology works on most substrates, even ones that are flexible and not flat. The examples of possible patterns you can see the photos below:


SEM image of parallel lines printed with around 3 um width and 5 um distance between the lines


SEM image of the printed trail with 4 um width


SEM image of  the segment of TCF printed on the glass using silver based nanoink designed & patented by XTPL. The width of the line: 6 um and interline distance: 500 um


SEM image of the pattern of XTPL logo composed from microdots dispensed on the glass. Dots currently obtained on the market usually have about 50 um, the minimum is 20 um – while XTPL currently achieves dots with diameter of 1 um, and plans to go even below this limit



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