Developing highly concentrated metallic inks that overcome dispensing size limitations.
Bringing premium products to the market.


Working on our breakthrough ultra-precise printing technology, we developed a line of highly-concentrated metallic inks (up to 85 wt.%) characterised by superior stability and homogeneity. It is possible to efficiently extrude these inks through micrometer nozzles (even 0.5 µm) without the risk of clogging.




  • Secured full manufacturing process: from nanoparticles synthesis to end-product formulation
  • Superior ink homogeneity and stability enabling extremely long nozzle lifetime
  • Non-clogging behaviour of the ink allowing for continuous efficient printing




  • Fine feature printing even on non-planar substrates
  • Uniform well-defined printed functional features
  • Excellent wettability on multiple substrates: glass, silicon nitrides, silicon oxides, foils (e.g. Kapton, PET, PEN, PC), silicon wafers



  • High metal loading (30-85 wt.%)
  • Unmatched electrical conductivity up to 50% silver bulk conductivity
  • High aspect ratio structures already after single pass

The properties of XTPL nanoinks enable you to shorten your development cycles, and at the same time achieve the required level of resolution and electrical conductivity in a reproducible manner.



Average nanoparticles size [nm] (TEM)35 - 5035 - 5035 - 5035 - 50
Shape of nanoparticlesSphericalSphericalSphericalSpherical
Metal content (wt. %)34 ± 230 ± 254 – 6382 ± 2
Electrical resistivity [Ω.m]*3.95 ∙ 10-83.25 ∙ 10-85.11 ∙ 10-84.2 ∙ 10-8
Viscosity (25°C, shear rate = 0.2 s-1) [cP]26 - 30200 - 40030 000 - 50 000> 100 000
Solvent(s)Glycol etherGlycol(s)Glycol(s)Glycol(s)
Compatible printing methods
  • Inkjet
  • Aerosol Jet (pneumatic atomizers)
  • Flexography
  • LIFT
  • XTPL® Ultra-Precise Dispensing
  • Direct Ink Writing
  • LIFT
  • XTPL® Ultra-Precise Dispensing
  • Direct Ink Writing
  • Extruders
  • LIFT
  • XTPL® Ultra-Precise Dispensing



“At Laser Zentrum Hannover, we were looking for a highly viscous conductive ink for our micro-dispensing setup with very small nozzles (<10 µm aperture). The XTPL Ag Nanopaste CL85 has proven very effective for our applications, where we aim to print fine structures measuring less than 10 µm. With XTPL Ag Nanopaste CL85 we are able to achieve long printing times without any interruptions.”


Additive Manufacturing – Polymers and Multimaterials Group
Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Germany

“With Ag Nanopaste CL85 we are able to improve printing resolution with respect to other inks with high solid content and the surface of the obtained printed patterns is exceptionally smooth.”


Prof. Juan Marcos Fernández-Pradas
MIND Research Group (Micro and Nanotechnology and Nanoscopies for Electronic and Electrophotonic Devices), University of Barcelona, Spain

“We are really excited with the high jetting stability and the non-clogging capabilities of XTPL Ag Nanoink IJ36. Printing with your ink formulation is easy and results in stable and well-defined printed features. We are also satisfied with the excellent wettability on PEN substrates. The performance in terms of electrical conductivity of the printed structures is very good and in line with what we expected.”


Pietro Rossi
Printed and Molecular Electronics group at IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), Milan, Italy

“We were impressed with the height of the structures we could achieve with XTPL Ag Nanoink IJ36 after already a single pass printing (even 200 nm high). Importantly, the jetting of the inkjet ink from XTPL is efficient with both 10 pL and 1 pL Dimatix cartridges, so we are now able to obtain high quality patterns of higher resolution with inkjet. With an ink like that, we can concentrate on research, and not on the problems arising around printing itself.”


Prof. Dr. Gordon Elger
Head of Research Group Microelectronics Packaging (Institute of Innovative Mobility, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt) and Head of Fraunhofer Applied Research Center “Connected Mobility and Infrastructure” (Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI Ingolstadt, Germany)

“Within the EnerScale project, ZOEK gGmbH is collaborating with XTPL S.A. to bring XTPL’s Ag Nanoink IJ36 as an electrode into thin film solar cells, especially Perovskite solar cells. ZOEK gGmbH uses the equipment at COPT Center to print IJ36 by means of inkjet technology on top of organic layers as well as on ultra-thin glass and PEN foil. In general, IJ36 is easy to print and allows for high-resolution features with sharp edges, especially on ultra-thin glass. Finally, laser sintering is used to unfold the high conductivity of the silver layer. This would allow for large area and cost efficient roll-to-roll printed solar cells without the need of expensive vacuum processes.”


COPT Center in Köln, Germany


Drop feature optimization for fine trace inkjet printing

Authors: Nihesh Mohan, Sri Krishna Bhogaraju, Mateusz Łysień, Ludovic Schneider, Filip Granek, Kerstin Lux, Gordon Elger


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Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) Technique as an Alternative for Assembly and Packaging of Electronic Components

Authors: Filimon Zacharatos, Marina Makrygianni, Ioanna Zergioti


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Laser-induced forward transfer of conductive nanoinks

Authors: Blanca Mestre Torà, Juan Marcos Fernández Pradas


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Discover high quality conductive inks from XTPL for achieving uniform conductive lines of superior resolution





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