IEEE FLEPS 2022 is intended to provide a forum for research scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of Flexible, Printable Sensors and Systems.


International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT)

The event sponsored by Society for Information Display (SID) .The Conference topics cover a wide range of new display technology. During the exhibition part of the event our distributor - YI XIN - will present XTPL technology at the stand.


The event explores the opportunities in the emerging fields of Nanotechnologies, Organic & Printed Electronics and Nanomedicine. NANOTEXNOLOGY brings together over 2,000 researchers, scientists, engineers, business and technical professionals to promote research and industrial collaboration.

Chemnitzer Seminar

Chemnitzer Seminare is an event at Fraunhofer ENAS, organized by the departments of the institute. In the seminars, guest speakers from science and industry present current technological results.


An event that combines science and business. Horizon Europe is the leitmotif of this year's conference. We invite you to visit the XTPL booth and to join the panel with the participation of Filip Granek, CEO at XTPL.

2022 IEEE 72nd Electronic Components and Technology Conference

The premier international event that brings together the best in packaging, components and microelectronic systems science, technology and education in an environment of cooperation and technical exchange.


During the conference Filip Granek, CEO at XTPL, participated in a discussion panel titled: “How can Polish innovators contribute to the European Innovation Area (EIA) and what does the EIA mean for the Polish ecosystem and innovators?”

Display Week

Display Week is one of the world’s most important event in the sector of modern displays. XTPL will present its technological solutions during the SID’s Display Week Symposium.


LOPEC—short for Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention—is the leading international platform in the field of printed electronics.

innoLAE 2022 Innovations in Large Area Electronics Conference

innoLAE 2022 presents a high calibre programme combining plenary addresses from internationally-renowned speakers, two parallel tracks of oral presentations, a poster session with the latest research results and an exhibition with leading companies and organisations.

China Hi-Tech Fair

China Hi-Tech Fair is the largest and the most significant scientific and technological fair in China, renowned as "the no. 1 technology show in China". Every year, about 3,000 people and exhibitors from over 50 countries participate.

The 28th International Display Workshops

IDW '21 is an event that brings together the world's electronic display industry. The conference will be held as a virtual form.

IMID 2021

This event is aimed at promoting development of the new products and technologies through exchanging information of new technology and market trend.

TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference

The conference is designed to connect top applied research and early-stage technologies from universities, labs and startups with industry and investment end-users and prospectors.

Flex China

The biggest and most influential event in China through which nanotech companies can showcase their company’s image, introduce their products, and conduct technical exchange and market expansion.

EXPO 2020

XTPL is one of the companies that co-creates „Poland. Spirit of ingenuity” zone on #Expo2020Dubai. For the next six months all visitors to the Pavilion of Poland can watch materials showing XTPL technology.

Pro Flex

The conference is organized by Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP. The conference programme includes topics related to processing and coating of flexible materials, like polymer films, metal foils, ultra-thin glass, membranes, and textiles.

30th Economic Forum in Karpacz

During the Economic Forum held in Karpacz, Filip Granek, PhD, the CEO of XTPL took part in a debate on foreign investments and investors’ cooperation with the SME sector and the scientific community.

Connecting Heterogeneous System Summit

The summit brings together leaders and industry experts from the entire 3D & Systems as well as packaging and MEMS/imaging/sensor value chain to discuss the latest advancements in Heterogeneous Integration and sensing technology driving innovation in high-end applications.

21st International Meeting on Information Display - IMID 2021

The conference in Seoul, Korea. During the event XTPL presented a talk about “Ultra-Precise Deposition for Display Manufacturing: from Rapid Prototyping to Mass Production”.


The largest technology, networking, and matchmaking annual event in Europe focused on Nanotechnologies, Organic & Printed Electronics and Nanomedicine. Dr. Filip Granek will present a talk titled “Ultra-Precise Deposition of nanomaterials for flexible organic electronics” on July 6th, at 4 pm CET.

Ultra-precise printing of micrometre size interconnections - webinar

Webinar on XTPL Ultra-Precise Technology for microelectronics, flat panel display and advanced IC packaging industries.

Tailoring conductive products for ultra‑precise and conventional printing technologies - webinar

Webinar on XTPL Nanoinks and Nanomaterials Laboratory R&D activities and future perspectives.

International Conference on Display Technology

Event organized by Society for Information Display. The Conference topics cover a wide range of new display technology and the latest progress of intelligent manufacturing technology.

Display Week

Display Week is one of the world’s most important event in the sector of modern displays. XTPL will present its technological solutions during the SID’s Display Week Symposium and the accompanying exhibition.

Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, & InMold Electronics

Dr. Filip Granek, CEO of XTPL during the conference will present a talk on “High-Resolution 3D-Printed Conductive Features In Single Micron Scale”

Smart Systems Integration

The conference will present recent developments in the field of Smart Systems along the whole of the value chain, starting from MEMS/NEMS, photonics, micromechanics, microfluidics, printed functionalities through to complete systems and different application scenarios.

The Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies (CICMT)

The conference will bring together a diverse set of disciplines to share experiences and promote opportunities to accelerate research development and the application of ceramic interconnect and ceramic microsystems technologies.

Inter Nano Poland

The fifth edition of Business-to-Science Science-to-Business conference InterNanoPoland is an international forum for scientists, entrepreneurs, business support organizations and students working in nanotechnology and advanced materials sector.


LOPEC Conference is the world's leading communication platform for research, knowledge, and solutions in the printed electronics industry. The Company will be represented by Dr. Piotr Kowalczewski, Manager of XTPL Numerical Simulation Laboratory.

innoLAE 2021 Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference

The conference programme highlights the most innovative and exciting aspects of large-area electronics. Dr. Aneta Wiatrowska, Technology Director at XTPL will present a talk on “High-resolution printing of micrometer-size conductive structures for LAE” in the “Manufacturing” session.

"Rapid prototyping for microelectronics applications" - webinar

Webinar organized by XTPL about approach to prototyping of microelectronic devices and components. The webinar will be held in English.

"High-resolution 3D-printed conductive features in single micron scale" - webinar

Webinar organized by XTPL about novel ultra-precise deposition (UPD) technology for rapid prototyping of microelectronic devices.

International Display Workshops

One of the most important events in the world devoted to the design and production of new generation displays. The Company will be represented by Aneta Wiatrowska, PhD, XTPL’s Technology Director.

The Metallization & Interconnection Workshop

The workshop is a world-class event devoted to advanced metallization schemes and interconnects for solar cells. XTPL will present the technology on Tuesday, October 6.

NanoInnovation 2020

NanoInnovation 2020 is the most important international event in Italy dedicated to nanotechnologies and their integration with KETs, gathering together the main actors of the scientific, industrial, economic and institutional world active in the field of innovation, research and technology transfer

International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics

The biggest scientific & technology event in Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics. XTPL was represented by Dr. Piotr Kowalczewski – Head of Numerical Simulations Laboratory.

Made in Wrocław

An event that brings together leaders of Wroclaw business, creative innovators, experienced managers and founders of companies worth even a bilion dollars in one place. Filip Granek, CEO XTPL, will make a speech at the opening part of the conference.

Inter Nano Poland 2019

InterNano Poland is a forum for scientists, entrepreneurs, business support organizations and students working in a nanotechnology sector. Piotr Kowalczewski, Manager of XTPL Numerical Simulation Laboratory, will make a presentation titled „Additive manufacturing technology to print nanomaterials”.

iMiD 2019 International Meeting on Information Display

The iMid is as annual conference in Korea for academic, industry and business leaders. It is an opportunity to meet and exchange about latest results and trends for displays.

Display Week - San Jose

Selection of display technology presentations by global brands & experts. The exhibition of display components and systems is the opportunity to see the latest innovative products from the leading companies in the display industry.

German Spring Conference

One of the biggest capital market conferences in Germany, offering the opportunity to engage in a dialog about current market developments, innovations and future trends. The event focuses on the presentations from listed companies showcasing their activities, achievements and business strategy.


Conference focusing on a huge range of applications for printed electronics and exhibition covering 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors & wearable technology.

FPD China

International industry exposition focusing on display and touch screen manufacturing chain, gathering worldwide equipment, materials and the latest technology together!

XTPL debuts on the main market of WSE

XTPL will debut on the main market of WSE on February 20, 2019. The company wants to attract interest from new institutional investors, both international and domestic, who invest in globally groundbreaking innovations.

Müncher Kapitalmarkt Konferenz

The Conference will focus on the presentations of listed companies whom will show their activities and products and give an overview of the expected business development. Müncher Kapitalmarkt Konferenz is the largest investment conference in south Germany for small and medium-sized companies.

Capital Investment Meeting

XTPL Management Board members will participate in The Capital Investment Meeting. The conference is an opportunity to present business models and future projects exclusively to Family Offices, Private Foundations and Preselected Investors from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, UK and USA.

Internano Poland – Katowice

XTPL is actively supporting INP - international forum for scientists, entrepreneurs, business support organizations and students working in a nanotechnology and advance materials sector. Filip Granek, is a member of the scientific conference committee of the conference and one of the speakers. Stay tuned!

Herbstkonferenz – Frankfurt

XTPL will be one of the companies presenting their idea for business & potential to selected investors, analysts, financial journalists and other capital market players. Already XTPL is causing quite the buzz with its plan to enter Open Market in Frankfurt. Meet us there!

Impact’18 – Kraków

Filip Granek represented XTPL as one of the speakers in the debate “Business 4.0: Tips for building your digital enterprise”. The key topics of the debate was implementing disruptive technologies into the enterprise & ways for high-tech polish technologies to enter global market.

World Congress of Biosensors – Miami

Aneta Wiatrowska, Technology Director of XTPL was presenting XTPL's revolutionary technology at Biosensors World Congress in Miami - the top event for the biosensors community and the largest in the field. XTPL’s technology will enable the new generation of biosensors – easier & more precise detection.

Display Week – Los Angeles

Display Week in Los Angeles is the most important conference in the world for the display sector. XTPL presented its technology among such companies like Apple, Samsung, LG Display, Sharp & Intel. Revolutionary nanoprinting solution of XTPL was awarded for one of the most promising technologies among the participants of the I-Zone.

European Economic Congress – Katowice

Maciej Adamczyk represented XTPL at the debate "Technologies for the climate". XTPL Management Board member explained how innovative technologies may influence the environment in the future.

TechConnect Innovation Showcase –  Anheim/CA/USA

The TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo connected top applied research and innovations from universities, labs and startups with industry end-users and prospectors. XTPL was invited to present its breakthrough solution within Innovation Showcase.

IDTechEx Show – Berlin

XTPL showcased its breakthrough technology of ultraprecise printing of nanomaterials in a lecture given by CEO – Filip Granek. The solution will facilitate the production of a new generation of Transparent Conductive Films (TCF) and a revolutionary application in repair of damaged metallic conductive connections.

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