Nanoinks manufactured by XTPL exhibit unique physicochemical properties that allow for obtaining desired parameters and morphology of conductive & nonconductive structures.

The majority of our inks are based on silver nanoparticles (Ag), however XTPL creates also unique ink formulas based on the following nanoparticles: Au, Cu, CdS and TiO2.


Nanoparticles synthesized in XTPL laboratories exhibit both different size diameters distribution as well as different  shapes, such as spheres, wires, rods, etc. Thanks to that we are able to respond fast and flexibly to the needs of our clients. The composition of XTPL’s nanoinks is each time precisely adjusted to specific requirements and is compatible with XTPL printer and printing head to obtain desired results.

It is paramount that the specific features of structures created with XTPL methods such as i.e: morphology or electrical properties of the printed lines can be significantly adjusted by changing:

  • physicochemical properties of the ink
  • shape and size distribution of nanoparticles in the ink

Every such change in the ink composition will influence the printed structures. The physicochemical properties of the ink can be modified by using specific additives. They are responsible for such parameters as viscosity, surface tension, adhesion to a proper substrate, etc. The composition of XTPL additives is also precisely adapted, depending on the specific application’s requirements. It allows XTPL to immediately and effectively adjust our comprehensive solution to dedicated customers’ requirements in some cases simply by changing desired physicochemical property of the ink. XTPL nanoink formulations are protected by international patent application.


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