Printing head

Innovative printing head designed by the company’s specialists operates on the basis of a unique algorithm & enables ultraprecise application of the ink with nanoparticles and formation of desired structures.

Thanks to the unique construction of the printing head designed by the XTPL, it is possible to precisely deposite the ink with metallic nanoparticles and form both conductive and non-conductive structures on various types of surfaces, including flat, curved or elastic. The printing system is controlled electronically and as a whole it creates a modular, compact structure, which is fully parameterized by the user from the level of the intuitive interface.

The heart of the printing head is the dosing system. It is equipped, depending on the configuration, with a single precise printing nozzle or a set of nozzles. This system allows for dosing various types of ink through nozzles of size from hundreds of nanometers to several micrometres, which enables to obtain various structures (lines, dots, other geometrical traces).

The element ensuring the final preservation of the physical and electrical parameters of the printed structures is a selective sintering system. Sintering of the nanoink takes place using one of many heating profiles while ensuring protection of the substrate and/or other elements essential for the implementation of the printing process.

The vision system, which is one of the modules of the printing head, is equipped with a camera with a microscope lens that allows viewing the details at very high magnification. It is an auxiliary system that allows observation of the deposition process in real time and possible correction of the printing head operation parameters.

The XTPL printing head is also equipped with a number of other modules that ensure correct operation of the entire system. These include the pneumatic system operating in both over- and underpressure controlled by precise regulators, as well as an advanced Z axis positioning system, designed to accurately measure the distance between the printing nozzle and the substrate. The top-class electronics controlling the system has been designed to enable remote control of the printing head’s operation and – if necessary – to simplify the connection of the printing head to own positioning system. The printing head software provided by XTPL makes it much easier to integrate the system with the master software for managing the printing process and to configure the desired printing head operation parameters.

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