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The “XTPL Inside” Strategy

For the nanotechnology company XTPL, last year was a period of intensive business and R&D activity. The company has earned investors’ trust, built a solid pipeline of projects, set up a subsidiary in the United States and expanded its patent cloud, thus confirming the globally groundbreaking nature of the technology it develops. The upcoming quarters will be marked by a further rapid development under the “XTPL Inside” strategy.

– Our technology is to make a breakthrough and then to become a standard in the production of consumer electronics. In a similar way, Intel’s solutions were implemented in the manufacturing of modern computers and are still synonymous with innovation and the highest quality on the market. This is the “XTPL Inside” strategy. As a supplier of groundbreaking, advanced nanotechnology, we want to enable a quantum progress and optimization of production for many sectors. But we need to remember that a breakthrough involves hundreds small and larger steps, that every day get us closer to building a significant position on the global market – said Filip Granek, CEO and co-founder of XTPL.

The proof of concept projects implemented in 2018 confirmed the universal nature of the stock exchange listed company’s ultra-precise printing solution. The solution’s platform character, which enables a wide spectrum of industrial applications, resulted in the decision to focus commercialization efforts on strategic sectors. In recent quarters, XTPL has developed dedicated “go to market” models, building close business relationships with large partners from these sectors in the United States and Southeast Asia. They declared their interest in the nanoprinting solutions and confirmed their breakthrough nature.

The Display Week show, which will be held in May, is expected to strengthen the position of the nanotechnology company. Organized in Silicon Valley, it is the most prestigious event of this type in the world, attracting the largest industry players, such as LG, Apple, Sharp, Samsung and BOE. XTPL is to present there its breakthrough, additive method dedicated to the display sector. XTPL’s exposition generates considerable interest from the show’s participants due to the company’s last year’s prize for one of the most promising technologies of the I-Zone arranged as part of Display Week 18’ in Los Angeles

– Our vision is to use the advantages of print for manufacturing of advanced electronic components, for example semiconductors or smart glass. To make this happen, the printing technology needs to be much more precise than the technologies available at present. This is what XTPL brings to the table – the ability to print structures 100 times finer than those obtained using traditional methods – said Filip Granek in a recent interview for the American “Information Display” magazine.

In dealing with top-tier partners in Silicon Valley, XTPL will be represented, among others, by leaders of the U.S. subsidiary. In addition to Filip Granek, sitting on the board of XTPL Inc. are experienced Californian managers and entrepreneurs: Harold Hughes and Amir Nayyerhabibi.

– XTPL creates solutions to meet the needs of customers in large, high-volume industries. If you want to do it effectively, while aiming exactly at the market’s requirements, there is no better place to do it than in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.– says Harol Hughes, former CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus, now a board member of XTPL Inc.

In 2019, XTPL is going to maintain its momentum. – When asked about their formula for success, the founders of technology companies which have been very successful in Silicon Valley usually respond in a similar way: success is about a good plan, followed by consistent, patient execution…The only scenario we are interested in, is a long-term one, in which XTPL becomes a globally significant technological company. – Filip Granek sums up in the letter to shareholders from the company’s 2018 annual report.



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