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XTPL aims to raise capital for its dynamic development in the United States

The German ACATIS fund is ready to invest another PLN 4,4 million in XTPL which is commercializing its disruptive nanoprinting technology on the global market. Managed by the iconic figure of the German capital market – Dr. Hendrik Leber – the fund is going to take up new, private issue of the company’s shares. Acquired funding will finance the process of company’s business development in the United States, especially in Silicon Valley.

– Over the recent months we have been steadily building XTPL’s position in the United States, we have set up operational structures and obtained support from experienced managers from Silicon Valley. We are aware that the US market is key in terms of industrial implementation of our solutions. The choice is not accidental – this is exactly the market where disruptive technologies develop the fastest. It’s here that many projects have successfully completed the journey from a startup to a unicorn. The funding from ACATIS Investment will help us strategically strengthen and speed up commercialization in the USA – notes Filip Granek, PhD, co-founder and CEO of XTPL.

In accordance with the decision taken by fund, ACATIS Investment is to take up 47 000 of new shares that the company is planning to issue as part of a private placement. The funds are expected to finance XTPL’s sales activity in the absorbent US market. The previous issue did have in its goals any activities in this area, but both the company’s authorities and fund managers see a great potential in them. This will be another decision, following the one taken last year, of ACATIS Investment, a fund with EUR 5 billion worth of assets under management, to contribute to the capital of XTPL.

– ACATIS Investment is an investment fund that has been operating for more than three decades. It is a trend-setter, both in terms of quality and selective approach to investments. The new round of funding from such a player is the best evidence of the XTPL’s potential. Our goal is clear: we will seek to bring our solution to the production lines of the largest manufacturers from at least several industries, including, among others, display and semiconductor sectors – explains Maciej Adamczyk, management board member and COO at XTPL.

Over the last quarters, the company has laid solid foundations for commercialization in the United States. From the level of Advisory Board, it is supported by representatives of the global electronics or semiconductor sectors, including: Harold Hughes – former CFO of Intel and Rambus, as well as Amir Nayyerhabibi – former manager at Intel and Cisco, founder of StratumOne and AuroraNetics. At the same time, the company is setting up its business structures in Silicon Valley. Market development and customer acquisition is the responsibility of local managers with extensive experience in XTPL’s key industries.

XTPL is now in negotiations over the first commercial contract with one of the global leaders in the sales of machines for the production of displays, with a valuation of more than USD 9 billion. This is an effect of prior work with the Chinese firm on a proof-of-concept project. The company is concurrently carrying out similar initiatives for several tens of other potential partners from around the globe, including large players from Silicon Valley.

The value of the printed electronics market itself, which is one of the key application areas for the XTPL technology, was estimated at more than USD 29 billion in 2017.
In 2027, this figure is expected to reach more than USD 73 billion. Amir Nayyerhabibi, a member of the XTPL Advisory Board in the USA, rates – “the potential of development and application of this technology is practically unlimited”.



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