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XTPL at the LOPEC international trade fair of printed electronics

At the end of March 2017, XTPL will participate in the LOPEC trade fair and conference in Munich where various industrial applications of printed electronics will be presented. The event is targeted at manufacturers and users from all around the world and its goal is to show innovative products and identify current trends.

LOPEC is an international event which attracts businesses, scientists and researchers from around the globe. This year’s edition will focus on the possible use of printed electronics in various sectors, e.g. in health services, the automotive industry, the packaging sector as well as in the energy industry and consumer electronics. Recent research results and future challenges for companies will also be discussed. The accompanying conference will include 200 presentations by international experts who will address topics related to the participants’ areas of interest. The presentations will fall into 3 categories: technology, science and business.

The event in Munich gathers the entire printed electronics industry, so XTPL is definitely obliged to attend. Researchers, manufacturers and users will all be there in one place and it will be another opportunity for us to engage in networking and find potential technological and business partners. We are looking forward to fruitful discussions which will allow us to present the benefits of the XTPL technology and learn about other companies’ achievements in the field of printed electronics. We also want to talk with users of this technology to find out more about their changing needs, since it is our ambition to adapt our solution to the growing expectations and requirements of people who use the flexible printed electronics on a daily basis, says Filip Granek, PhD, CEO at XTPL.

LOPEC is one of international events to be attended by XTPL in the nearest future. In March, the company will present its technology at the AUTM Annual Meeting in Florida, USA, while in May XTPL’s printer prototype will be shown at the Printed Electronics Europe Trade Fair in Berlin.



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