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XTPL Has Debuted on the WSE

As of today, the shares of XTPL, the company developing a disruptive nanoprinting technology, have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. “Go big or go home” – emphasizes Filip Granek, PhD, the company’s CEO – and announces intensification of the commercialization efforts already going on in the United States through the recently formed XTPL Inc.

XTPL makes its debut on the WSE merely after several months on NewConnect. During this time, the company has won investors’ trust and has more than tripled its capitalization. This was also a period of intensive business and R&D activities. The company has built a solid pipeline of projects and expanded its patent cloud, thus confirming the globally groundbreaking nature of the technology it develops. Now, thanks to the recently founded XTPL Inc., the company is going to strengthen its presence in the United States even more.
– As we are entering the main trading floor, we are happy to open ourselves to a new group of domestic and foreign investors. However, this is not going to change the DNA of XTPL – we want to be made in Poland, while acting globally and taking advantage of foreign knowledge and experience. Hence, for example, the decision to set up a subsidiary in Silicon Valley. “Go big or go home”, as the Americans say. Today’s debut does not mean we have reached the ultimate success. Our compass remains the same – we will keep our focus on XTPL’s growth rather than think about stabilization and rest on our previous successes. We will continue to have the best specialists in our midst, building up our business based on the “best of the best” principle.

We will keep engaging in a transparent communication with the capital market, as after all it is investors’ trust that has led us to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange – explained Filip Granek, PhD, CEO and co-founder of XTPL, as he pulled the string to ring the opening bell and thus symbolically started XTPL’s listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The launch of operations of the US-based entity is the culmination of the recent activity of XTPL’s representatives in California. For the last several months, the commercialization efforts in the United States have been actively supported by a group of American managers, including Harold Hughes, the former CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus and Amir Nayyerhabibi, partner at Benhamou Global Ventures. The company operating in Silicon Valley will also provide access to local talent in the field of nanotechnology and business development.
– The US market is a place on which hi-tech companies should learn to operate on their way to global success. In Silicon Valley, the “thinking big” approach is an everyday job and XTPL has all the ingredients to be a part of US ecosystem – advanced technology, highly skilled team and goal-oriented mindset. XTPL, with little funding, achieved something unique, something that – with such resources – probably would not be possible to replicate in the US. – says Amir Nayyerhabibi, board member of XTPL Inc. and member of XTPL’s international Advisory Board.

The company intends to offer two product lines based on the developed technology: printing heads and dedicated nanoinks. The company’s solutions will be mainly addressed to the industry, namely to manufacturers of devices for the production of advanced electronics. IDTechEx estimates the value of this market at a significant USD 70 billion already in 2026.

– The road to success has never been easy or short. It has always required professionalism and risk-taking skills. This is how groundbreaking solutions – those changing social rules – have been developed over centuries. Today’s technology companies, which have the ambition to redefine global standards, are also faced with such challenges. I’m glad that the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the investors present there are open to high-tech companies like XTPL – said Wiesław Rozłucki, PhD, the first President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of XTPL.

Uniqueness of the profile of the WSE listed company and the technology it develops have also been confirmed by the investment decisions made by major players from the German capital market. The funds Acatis Investment and Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding invested in the company twice (in 2017 and 2018), and currently control more than 18% of XTPL shares. With the recent issues of shares to these entities, XTPL raised over EUR 2 million. These funds will secure further commercialization of the ultra-precise printing technology.
– We appreciate the fact that Polish and foreign investors share our vision – in 2018, XTPL turned out to be the best investment in the Polish capital market. After the debut on the WSE, we want to take another important step. In the coming months, we want to finalize XTPL’s dual listing on one of the Western European stock exchanges. Perhaps this will be the Open Market at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt – Maciej Adamczyk, XTPL’s management board member and COO, sums up.


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