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XTPL Inc. Already Set Up in Silicon Valley

XTPL, which commercializes advanced nanoprinting technology, has established its branch in Silicon Valley. In this way, the company is intensifying the development of its structures and operations in the United States. The managers of XTPL Inc., which is the name of the US entity, are going to support the processes of securing the key IP and delivery of implementations in cooperation with industry giants.

XTPL was preparing for this moment for several months. The nanotechnology company, set to debut on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 20 February, has just established its branch in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley. For one of the global pioneers in nanoprinting technology, the United States is the next step in the development of its business potential. Sitting on the board of XTPL Inc., in addition to Filip Granek, are influential American partners: Harold Hughes (the former CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus) and Amir Nayyerhabibi (partner at Benhamou Global Ventures, VC fund based in Silicon Valley).

“Silicon Valley is a place that we have quickly defined as number 1 business destination for XTPL. It’s a unique melting pot of industry, innovation, capital and people. In the immediate vicinity of our office are not only such giants as LinkedIn and Apple, but also Corning, which is famous for its technological innovations implemented on a massive scale. In the United States, we already have a group of US managers supporting us in commercialization and IP protection. In addition, recently we have successfully completed another stage of an advanced proof-of-concept project for one of the leading US players from the smart glass segment”, says Filip Granek, CEO of XTPL.

Royole (flexible electronics), Quanergy (Lidar sensors) and Carbon3D (polymer printing) – these names may not say much to many people outside the Silicon Valley area. But this is not a random list, though. Here are some examples of the many hi-tech unicorns (companies with valuations of at least USD 1 billion), founded on the West Coast of the United States and working hand-in-hand with local companies from large industry. XTPL has the ambition to follow in their footsteps, developing in the first stage in California, which is the 5th largest economy in the world.

“The Silicon Valley direction is natural for XTPL, mostly due to the concentration in this area of companies that are the leaders of the most interesting – for XTPL – sectors. At the same time, it is a market with a unique business infrastructure and vast experience in implementing high technologies. The opening of the company in the Valley increases the credibility of XTPL in the eyes of potential US contractors, as they prefer cooperation with companies with local structures, also in the context of signing agreements”, says Harold Hughes, board member of XTPL Inc.

At the same time, XTPL is building value by expanding its intellectual property (IP) portfolio. After the research and development team had completed its work in December 2018, the American patent office K&L Gates operating in Palo Alto, which supports XTPL, submitted two further patent applications for registration. Both applications will be processed as part of the international PCT procedure.

“Embedding XTPL in the realities of Silicon Valley opens the door for the company to acquire local talents in the fields of technology and business development. This is a huge value, because the quality of the company is also proven by the value of the team. From the beginning XTPL has had here serious and unique competences, ones that we intend to develop further”, adds Amir Nayyerhabibi, who is also also a board member of XTPL Inc.


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