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XTPL is one of the innovation leaders in the EU Horizon 2020 Programme

The international potential of XTPL as a technology business was recognized by the European Union experts and the company received the EU subsidy under the support programme for the most innovative technology projects in Europe. This grant is designated for the most promising European enterprises which develop ground-breaking technologies and implement a robust business strategy that will allow them to enter international markets. The Horizon 2020 Framework Programme is so far the largest-scale initiative for financing research and innovation in the European Union.

The budget for 2014-2020 is nearly EUR 80 billion. As part of the programme, the SME Instrument provides support to the most innovative technology businesses in Europe. The beneficiaries are selected through a contest in which enterprises from may countries participate. The experts choose a small group of innovation leaders that work on technologies with global aspirations and show readiness to face the challenges of global market competition. These criteria are met by less than 10% of participating companies.

– XTPL is being noticed more and more, also outside Poland, and the potential of our technology is appreciated by world-class experts. The grant under the Horizon 2020 Programme demonstrates that in the opinion of the EU specialists our solution can significantly increase innovativeness and the competitive advantage of Europe in the world. This success means a lot to us, especially that only a small number of participants in the contest earned that recognition. The technology of ultra-fine printing of nanomaterials can have versatile applications that will benefit businesses, consumers and entire countries as well. We are really glad that this potential has been recognized in the European forum – says Filip Granek, PhD, co-founder and CEO at XTPL SA.

1200 European business have been subsidised during the first two years of the SME Instrument implementation. By the end of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, the small and medium enterprise support will have covered 7500 most innovative businesses from all around Europe. The funds will help them develop concepts and technologies as well as expand globally.

The financial support under the Horizon 2020 Programme aims to reinforce the knowledge-based European economy and assist in solving social issues of our continent as well as to boost the economic growth and create new jobs in the EU member states.


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