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XTPL on the Road to Commercialization

After a very busy 2018, in the first quarter of this year, XTPL maintained its momentum and consistently progressed towards gaining a position of a globally significant provider of the breakthrough nanoprinting technology. The strong potential for a wide industrial application of XTPL solutions has been again confirmed during the Display Week in San Jose – the most important global conference dedicated to display manufacturers. The upcoming quarters will entail very intensive commercialization work for the company, with the direction set out in the new “XTPL Inside” strategy.

– Experts and key industry players agree that the technology of ultra-precise nanoprinting developed by XTPL may revolutionize many industry branches. But even such a unique market proposition is not enough to be successful on a global scale. For this, you need to have partner relations with contractors, the ability to listen to their needs and ensure that the solutions developed and implemented reflect market expectations – says Filip Granek, the CEO of XTPL. – The “XTPL Inside” direction provides for a wide implementation of our technological innovations on the production lines of industry leaders world-wide. We want to enable a quantum progress and optimization of production for many sectors, but first we focus on the display market. That is why we are so happy about the positive reception of our technology at the Display Week – the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated to this sector. I believe that the numerous valuable meetings with potential business partners will bring us closer to the industrial implementation – Filip Granek notes.

During the Display Week exhibition held on 14–16 May this year in San Jose, XTPL was showcasing its groundbreaking additive manufacturing technology for printing extremely fine conductive and non-conductive structures. The benefits of the company’s solution for the display sector have been verified and constitute a serious competitive advantage. During the event, XTPL representatives held dozens of essential and promising meetings, including ones with technological giants from this sector. The talks confirmed the company’s conviction that its development direction is right and that it can set new trends in the production of displays.

The busy three-day event in the heart of California brought together more than 7,000 key professionals operating in the displays market: decision makers, engineers, suppliers, as well as end-users and even technology investors.

The high profile of the event is confirmed by such leading brands as LG Display and BOE, but also BENQ, CSOT, JDI (Japan Display Inc.), CORNING, TIANMA and VISIONOX, which are present at the conference every year.

– We have a clear picture of the challenges faced by the display market. This includes the progressing miniaturization, the need to find an efficient and cost-effective open-defect repair method (for defects emerging already at the display production stage), but also the growing expectations for mechanical flexibility of displays. The XTPL method, which can be used to print with a precision of 1–8 micrometers, unattainable for other printing methods available on the market, is crucial to enabling manufacturers to solve these problems – Filip Granek adds.


Closer to client’s needs

The industry’s demand for the solution offered by XTPL is significant. The industrial firms potentially interested in cooperation with the company are concentrated in Southeast Asia and in the United States – specifically in Silicon Valley. In January this year, XTPL set up a subsidiary there and, with active support from its international Advisory Board, is positioning itself as a global provider of advanced nanoprinting technology. It is in Silicon Valley that such companies as HP and Intel rose to greatness. The new “XTPL Inside” strategy refers to the latter firm by no coincidence. Like in the case of Intel, XTPL technology is to make a breakthrough and then become a standard in the production of consumer electronics.


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