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XTPL S.A. expands its patent cloud and submits another application

XTPL S.A., a world leader in groundbreaking nanoprinting solutions for the global electronics market, has submitted a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent application relates to the XTPL-developed method of checking geometric parameters of the cartridge that is a component of the printing device created by the Company.


In total, the Company already has 22 patent applications to its name. The steady expansion of the patent cloud ensures protection for XTPL’s global solutions. Patent protection starts from the moment the application is filed with the competent office. Development and protection of a patent family contribute to building the value of technology companies and their business position in commercialization processes.

“For deep-tech companies, intellectual property is a product and a competitive advantage, while the size of the patent cloud has a major impact on the company value, as the scope and proper protection of intellectual property is key to the market position. An appropriately high level of IP protection guarantees safe commercialization and appropriate negotiation position before the first commercial contracts are signed with selected partners. The potential of intellectual property is also determined by the level of revenue estimated on its basis, expected after particular solution is put on the market in individual application fields. As for XTPL, it is the platform character of the XTPL technology that enables its effective implementation in many application fields, which boosts the Company’s potential. For this reason, XTPL’s global solutions must be continuously secured by expanding the patent cloud. This is one of the pillars on which XTPL value is built,” said Filip Granek, CEO of XTPL S.A.

And adds:

“Due to importance of information related to IP protection, we have decided to inform the market and investors about each patent application we submit.

As the Company advised, the purpose of the patent application is to obtain protection for the method of checking geometric parameters of the cartridge that is a component of the printing device created by the Company.

“The cartridge is one of the key components of our printing devices. It is a nanoink reservoir, feeding the ink into the device’s printing nozzle. For small-size, micrometric features, individual elements of our devices must be manufactured with the highest precision. Proper operation of the cartridge is determined by a number of parameters, including its geometry. For this reason, the XTPL R&D team developed a quick and precise method of checking the cartridge’s geometric parameters, and built an appropriate measuring system. The method is effective, but also innovative, so we decided to file a patent application in this area. The proper functioning of the cartridge is one of the key aspects of the XTPL technology,” Filip Granek explains.

XTPL constantly carries out research and development focused on its proprietary UPD technology and its applications in the industry of displays, semiconductors and advanced PCBs. The printed electronics sector, the main part of this industry, is growing very strongly. In 2020, its value was USD 41.2 billion (+11.0% YoY), in 2025 it is forecast to grow to USD 63.3 billion, while 2030 it is expected to reach even USD 74.1 billion (source: IDTechEx). This means an increase in the market value at a CAGR of 9.0% in 2020–2025.

Since 12 April this year, XTPL S.A. has been part of the INNOVATOR Łukasiewicz Index. Started by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Łukasiewicz Research Network, the new stock index is aimed at promoting the most innovative public companies that develop their potential in cooperation with the scientific sector.



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