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XTPL is setting up its operations in the United States

Mehran Sedigh and Kedar Patel, two experienced US managers, are going to provide operational support to XTPL in the process of commercialisation of the company’s solutions in the United States. This is another step towards broad, industrial implementation of the disruptive nanoprinting technology which is being developed by XTPL.

Silicon Valley startups have the advantage of being part of a unique ecosystem. In Silicon Valley the journey from a concept to a minimum viable product and eventually to a final product that can be introduced to the market is done at the time that is needed and at a price point that can be adopted quickly. XTPL technology of printing ultra-thin conductive lines fits well into this scenario. They have a very talented team and in last three years has developed a very disruptive printing technology that can potentially impact several market segments such as advanced computing, display and sensors to name a few”, said Mehran Sedigh, who together with Kedar Patel will be directly responsible for market development and acquiring clients for XTPL in the United States.

-Printed electronics is expected to be >$70B market by 2027. With the advent of printed electronics, there are new challenges to pattern features on traditionally non-standard surfaces. Premier manufacturers will be extremely motivated to gain leadership positions in the printed electronics market – says Kedar Patel.

Mehran Sedigh and Kedar Patel have been involved in the disruptive technologies sector in the Silicon Valley for several decades. For many years they held key roles with e.g. Cypress Semiconductor, a firm designing and selling semiconductor solutions, among other things. Today, Cypress Semiconductor is listed on NASDAQ with a valuation of nearly USD 5.6 billion, and the segment of semiconductor manufacturers remains one of the potential areas of application of the XTPL technology. Over the recent time, Mehran Sedigh, who has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Southern California, has supported technology firms (e.g. from the quantum computers sector) in scaling their solutions. Kedar Patel, who obtained his Ph.D. in sciences from University of California at Berkeley, is a long-standing manager and executive at such firms as SanDisk and Avogy.

“We are aware of the importance of the US market in the process of promoting XTPL’s breakthrough solutions, which is why we are placing our focus there. This is proven by our new collaborators from the Silicon Valley, but also by Harold Hughes, who served as CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus for many years, and recently has joined our Advisory Board. And this is just the beginning of our presence and operations in the United States”, said Filip Granek, CEO and co-founder of XTPL.
In addition to building operating structures in the United States, this year the XTPL Supervisory Board and the business development team are to be joined by several new seasoned and recognised leaders of the global electronics sector. XTPL is strongly gearing up for global expansion with international awards received for technological progress (e.g. at the recent Display Week in Los Angeles) and is in the process of doing proof-of-concept projects for several tens of potential partners from the whole world.

In this way we are bringing our solutions in line with the requirements of industrial implementations and proving that we are able to commercialise our technology with industry leaders – Filip Granek assures


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