Additive Manufacturing for Flat Panel Displays

Technology provider of ultra-precise printing. Feature size reduction solutions (1-8 µm)


XTPL is the leader in providing nanoprinting capabilities. We are shaping global nanofuture.


XTPL will enable global manufacturers of new generation electronics by providing ultra-precise printing technology to be implemented on their production lines.


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XTPL operates in the nanotechnology market segment. The company is developing and commercialising its globally innovative platform technology of ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials, protected by international patent applications. The XTPL method is a breakthrough. This is because of a unique combination of several features: it is an additive method, which ensures significant time and material savings and allows the advantages of print – such as scalability, cost effectiveness, simplicity and speed – to be used in the production of advanced devices thanks to unprecedented precision (structures width 1-8 micrometres) and without a need to use electric field. Due to its platform character, this solution will find application in the broadly understood printed electronics industry. At present, the company is focusing on commercialization of its technology in the flat panel display sector.


XTPL is a supplier of advanced technology of ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. It develops and commercializes the technology dedicated to a specific application field, using one of three models:


the company develops a technological solution dedicated to a particular application field, which is licensed to a partner who on its basis builds devices that allow the technology to be implemented in a given industry; in this case, the company generates revenue from license fees based on the sale of devices in which developed technology was implemented;

Strategic partnership

the company develops a technological solution dedicated to a particular application field and commercializes it in cooperation with a strategic partner with whom e.g. a joint venture agreement is signed; commercialization tasks are divided between the partners in accordance with their competencies and potential; in this case, the company participates in profits achieved through mutual cooperation;

Sale of a comprehensive solution

the company develops a technological solution dedicated to a particular application field and uses subcontractors to manufacture the solution on the basis of its own unique IP; in this model, the company is solely responsible for setting up distribution channels and for managing the sales and support processes; the comprehensive solution is sold to the end customer; the company generates revenues from the sale of printing heads and nanoinks.

The choice of the optimal business model depends on the specific application field where the company offers its solution.

At this stage, XTPL is in business talks with two groups of interested partners. The company’s direct potential clients are manufacturers of devices used for production in a particular market sector. These devices are bought and implemented on production lines at end customers – final producers of advanced electronics (e.g. displays). Both groups of entities are important for XTPL as the company needs to obtain the fullest information about the requirements that its technology must meet so it can be effectively integrated with the partners’ systems.




Functionality of the XTPL technology is confirmed in laboratory conditions



The patent application is submitted


  • The first letters of intent are signed
  • XTPL is transformed into a joint-stock company


  • A new laboratory is opened on the premises of the Pracze Campus in Wrocław
  • A unique, multi-disciplinary team of scientists and technologists is formed



Improving the line printing precision (below 100 nanometres)


Completion of the XTPL printer prototype


Presentation of the printer prototype at the IDTechExPrinted Electronics trade fair in Berlin and winning the prestigious Technical Development Manufacturing Award granted by the representatives of the printed electronics sector


Signature of the letter of intent with Wise Device Inc., the global leader of industrial microscopy automation development


  • Public offering of Series M shares resulting in the Issuer’s gross revenue of PLN 10,230,000
  • Participation in the public issue of series M shares of the German investment fund Acatis through the entity Universal-Investment GmbH


  • Debut in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect market
  • Entry to the shareholding structure of another investment fund from Germany Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding AG


  • Economic Award of the President of Poland at Kongres 590
  • Development of a new application area – repair of broken metallic connections in thin-layered electronic circuits


  • Announcement of plans for the transition to the main market of the WSE
  • Conclusion of a subsidy contract for a laboratory printer prototype demonstration project under the Regional Operational Program for the Lower Silesian Voivodship 2014-2020



Appointment to the Supervisory Board of Wiesław Rozłucki – former president and co-founder of the Warsaw Stock Exchange


Award for one of the most promising technologies among the participants of I-Zone (innovation zone) being part of Display Week in Los Angeles


Establishment of an international Advisory Board – Harold Hughes became the first member


XTPL Advisory Board is joined by Amir Nayyerhabibi


  • Private placement of 1 million Euro for the German fund – Acatis Investment
  • Private placement of 1,05 million Euro for another German fund – Heidelberger Betailungsholding AG


Filip Granek wins EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award!


XTPL opens the ranking of most eagerly investments in 2018




  • Establishing subsidiary XTPL Inc. in Silicon Valley, USA
  • Debut of XTPL S.A. on the main market of WSE


Hiroshi Menjo joins the Board of Directors of XTPL Inc.


Acquiring PLN 10 million as a result of the issue of series S shares


Decision on licensing XTPL technology on the display market for use in the open defect repair.


XTPL forecasts a significant increase in the patent cloud


  • Signing an agreement starting the evaluation of XTPL technology by BOE – the world leader in the production of modern displays
  • Memorandum of understanding with Korean HPK Inc. opens the way to start business negotiations



Herbert Wirth appointed new member of the Supervisory Board of XTPL S.A.


XTPL signed Technology Evaluation Agreement (TEA) with Suzhou Cowin laser Technology Co Ltd based in China


XTPL carried out three sales transactions of nanoink based on silver nanoparticles


  • XTPL was awarded “The Best Investor Relations Website” in the categories “small enterprises” in the contest Złota Strona Emitenta XIII organized by the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG).
  • On 30 June 2020, the Supervisory Board of XTPL S.A. appointed Jacek Olszański to the company’s Management Board. Since October 2018, he has served as the company’s financial manager.
  • Beata Turlejska, a Managing Partner in the Leonarto VC. Fund, was appointed as a new member of the Supervisory Board.


The company adopted a resolution on the allocation of 48,648 series A registered bonds convertible into the company’s series U shares at an issue price of PLN 74 per bond. Overall, the company’s proceeds from the issue of shares and bonds are PLN 12,849,952.


XTPL has signed its first commercial contract for the UPD technology demonstrator – XTPL Delta Printing System for precise printing of micro-features, including conductive structures with the University of Stuttgart, Institut für Großflächige Mikroelektronik “IGM”


XTPL signed a contract for a subsidy in the amount of €2.6 million from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju) for the project on development of innovative technology of precise deposition of conductive grids for next-generation OLED displays.



XTPL has established cooperation with Bandi Consortia to support the commercialization of XTPL technology on the Korean market.


  • XTPL signed a contract for a subsidy in the amount of PLN 7.7 million from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) for the project on development of breakthrough printing technology of 3D micrometric conductive structures using an innovative printhead capable of printing on non-planar substrates and compatible ink for printed electronics applications.
  • XTPL starts cooperation with Yi Xin Technology, who will distribute the Company’s technological solutions in China.


XTPL was awarded as “The most valuable optoelectronic equipment” and “The most valuable optoelectronic materials” during the Display & Touch Industry Conference 2021 (DTIC 2021)


  • XTPL signed a sales agreement with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany for Delta Printing System.
  • The Company started cooperation with Semitronics Sales Ltd, a highly-specialized distributor in Great Britain and Ireland region.


  • XTPL S.A. signed an agreement with the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development relates to the sale of Delta Printing System.
  • The Company sold another Delta printer to the Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) research group at the University of Glasgow


Scientists from the Italian University in Brescia acquire the Delta Printing System from XTPL S.A. for application in biosensors and bioelectronics for next-generation biomedicine




  • German merconics joins the group of distributors of XTPL solutions
  • XTPL and Nano Dimension announce collaboration to develop next-generation conductive nanoink


XTPL expanded its international distribution network by starting cooperation with Mumbai-based Vertex Global Solutions


  • XTPL received a grant recommendation for the technological project “Building Active MicroLED displays By Additive Manufacturing”, for over EUR 4 million under Horizon Europe.
  • XTPL started strategic cooperation with the Department of Information Engineering of the Italian University of Brescia (UniBS) in the field of new generation bioelectronics.


  • XTPL signed an agreement with US-based nScrypt Inc. The agreement relates to the development and production by XTPL of Ag Nanopaste CL85 that will subsequently be added to nScrypt’s product offer.
  • XTPL completed the first stage of the technological phase under
    the agreement with Nano Dimension Ltd.
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