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Consumer electronics

Applications overview

Application of XTPL technology - advanced VR/AR google.

VR/AR Goggles

XTPL’s technology could revolutionize the production of VR goggles, enabling ultra-high-resolution display on a small screen. Precise material embedding further enhances user immersion and lowers production costs.

Application of XTPL technology - smartwatch - made with miniature sensor or chip.

Wearable devices

XTPL’s technology enables the production of devices with miniature sensors and chips, such as VR goggles, thanks to precise material dispensing.

Application of XTPL technology - smartphone with flexible display.

Flexible displays

Flexible Hybrid Electronics combines components and technologies to create functional and adaptable devices, positioning flexible displays at the forefront of the modern electronics realm. Enhanced resolution elevates visual quality and functionality, providing an enriched user experience.

Feature technologies


  • Constant pursuit of miniaturization of electronic devices
  • The production cost budget is substantially impacted by expenses associated with manufacturing rejected products
  • Currently available yield improvement (repair) methods are expensive, complex, limited & slow
  • Discontinuity of conductive paths during production (open defects) and lack of repairing methods usually result in rejection of product
  • Need for additive manufacturing technology providing high precision and no electrical field damage risk


Modern additive printing has proven to be indispensable for rapid prototyping and it is now making a strong impact on the manufacturing.

  • Reducing defects by repairing open defects that are not repairable by conventional methods
  • Improving production efficiency by maximizing the number of non-defective parts through the implementation of XTPL technology is an effective way to reduce production costs
  • The ability to produce at higher resolutions – co-creating the technologies of tomorrow and supporting the drive toward miniaturization
  • Enhanced product quality achieved through robust adhesion to the substrate, ensuring stable and short-circuit-free interconnections
  • Prioritizing sustainability as a core value in the semiconductor industry, utilizing XTPL’s additive technology and non-toxic materials
  • XTPL’s electromagnetically compatible (EMC) technology ensures safe dispensing without electricity, eliminating the risk of damage to substrates and electronic components

Industries we drive forward

A woman using a microscope in a research lab.

R&D facilities

In research labs, UPD technology accelerates experimental processes with precise nanomaterial deposition, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

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Modern car created with ultra-precise dispensing technology.


Ultra-Precise Dispensing* technology introduces precise sensors for enhanced vehicle safety and lighter, efficient components for better fuel economy.

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A CT scan on a laptop screen.


UPD offers innovative nanoprinting solutions for medical devices, enabling advanced diagnostics and more effective treatment methodologies.

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