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Applications overview

Printing on human hair using XTPL technology

Unparalleled precision

We provide accuracy and repeatability in a one-step process with minimal preparation, enabling the development of micro features on any substrate without being restricted by its topology or shape. Our capabilities encompass creating conductive dot patterns, pillars, and complex lines, ensuring precision where the printout is the sole outcome.

Printing on flexible films using XTPL technology

Arbitrary background

Our printing technology is versatile, allowing printing on glass, PCB, and flexible film without the need for a conductive substrate. Overcoming topology challenges, it can print on vertical steps exceeding 150 µm, thanks to the extremely high viscosity of our dedicated paste, ensuring stability in printed features even before sintering.

Printing on biosensors using XTPL technology

Open architecture

With cartridge simplicity and no specific substrate preparation required, our system provides researchers unparalleled flexibility with any print medium. The extensive nozzle selection allows users to optimize cartridges for various inks and pastes, enabling the creation of tools for conductive or nonconductive applications, whether ultra-thin or wide, tailored for specific project needs.

Feature technologies


  • Enhanced precision
  • Miniaturization of complex equipment
  • The necessity for for cleaner and tightly-controlled environments


XTPL’s provides precise, reliable and flexible technology solutions

  • The crafting of intricate patterns and structures at a microscale, essential for the advancement of nanotechnology and materials science
  • Highly accurate printing techniques that reduce material waste and increase the efficiency of experimental setups
  • Cleaner production processes that contribute to maintaining the integrity of laboratory conditions
  • One-stop open architecture which invites to search for new applications in microstructures

Industries we drive forward

A modern car created with ultra-precise dispensing technology


Ultra-Precise Dispensing* technology introduces precise sensors for enhanced vehicle safety and lighter, efficient components for better fuel economy.

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A CT scan on a laptop screen


UPD offers innovative nanoprinting solutions for medical devices, enabling advanced diagnostics and more effective treatment methodologies.

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Person wearing advanced AR device

Consumer Electronics

XTPL’s nanoprinting facilitates the development of ultra-thin and efficient electronic components, driving innovation in devices we use daily.

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Marcin Cinkowski

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