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Ultra-Precise Dispensing*


We’re pioneering this revolution helping to move forward your ideas.

UPD technology at work

UPD for integration

  • Specialized in advanced open defect repair for complex tech substrates
  • Printing tech with 1-8 µm feature size, no specific voltage required, using proprietary nanoink with silver nanoparticles for defect repair
  • Versatile substrates compatible with various materials, suitable for flat and 2.5D surfaces including glass, silicon, kapton, PEN, PC, PDMS, PET
  • Precise resistance control at 0.1 Ω/µm, with 5 µm line width and sub-250 nm height, allowing for extensive design flexibility
  • Pioneering system-on-chip development with conductive/insulating microvias for High-Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Ultra-high resolution features below 1 µm using photonic sintering for optimal electrical resistances
3D interconnections within the circuit.

3D interconnections within 
the circuit

Stacked chip technology

  • High density interconnections on stacked chips
  • Resolution <10 μm/10 μm L/S
  • No satellite droplets and line width homogeneity to prevent electrical shorts
  • Application in industries like semiconductors, microelectronics, FPD, MEMS and flexible hybrid electronics
Stacked chips.


Powering MicroLED Integration

  • Facilitates control, driving and power dispensing of microLED displays
  • Expands applications in AR/VR, smartwatches and automotive displays
MicroLED integration.


Industries we drive forward

Person wearing advanced AR device.


XTPL’s nanoprinting facilitates the development of ultra-thin and efficient electronic components, driving innovation in devices we use daily.

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A CT scan on a laptop screen.


UPD offers innovative nanoprinting solutions for medical devices, enabling advanced diagnostics and more effective treatment methodologies.

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Modern car created with ultra-precise dispensing technology.


Ultra-Precise Dispensing* technology introduces precise sensors for enhanced vehicle safety and lighter, efficient components for better fuel economy.

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A woman using a microscope in a research lab.

R&D facilities

In research labs, UPD technology accelerates experimental processes with precise nanomaterial deposition, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

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Marcin Cinkowski

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