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Suitable for various applications, such as:

  • 3d interconnections
  • Advanced IC packaging
  • RDL prototyping
  • TSV filling

DPS provides:

  • High aspect ratios in a single pass benefit memory chips and MEMS
  • No overflow or spills
  • Reduced production costs
  • Convenient cartridge and nozzle exchange
  • High density interconnections down to 1 µm / 1 µm L/S

TFT arrays:

  • Prototyping TFT and electrical circuit
  • Open defects repair
  • No risk to damage discreate elements by eliminating electrical field
  • Conductive structures down to 1µm

Quantum Dots Printing:

  • DPS supports printing with Quantum Dots-based inks (QD inks)
  • Its versatility is crucial for OLED and microLED
  • With printed QD inks having a dimension of 3.5 µm width and below 300nm height, offers time and material savings and precision

Delta addresses specific challenges in the prototyping and fabrication of modern PCBs:

  • Ultra-high resolution printing and feature sizes of 1‑10 μm tackles the design complexity and enables the creation of specific PCB structures
  • Versatility allows for the integration of diverse materials, both conductive and 
non-conductive, while maintaining high aspect ratios in a single pass

We ensure:

  • Printing on 3D topographies feature uniformity
  • The reliability and performance of the PCBs
  • A comprehensive solution for modern PCB manufacturing

Our innovative biosensor solution:

  • High performance
  • Size reduction
  • Cost-effective fabrication methods
  • Groundbreaking for rapid biosensor prototyping
  • Enables biosensing patterns on flexible substrates, crucial for wearable sensors

Delta system ensures:

  • Uniform, clean features without spills crucial for intricate biosensor designs
  • Maintaining reliability and accuracy

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