Feature size reduction

XTPL provides disruptive technology for deposition of conductive & nonconductive structures on a single micron scale (1-8 um) with unparalleled precision

The feature size of printed structures is one of the key parameters of the XTPL revolutionary additive technology. The trend towards miniaturization of components is prevalent in FPD sector.

It means that the emission efficiency must be increased along with the decreasing thickness of the displays. The XTPL solution enables micron scale structures, which ensures higher pixel density of the finished product. In particular the resolution, brightness and lifetime parameters of the final display are improved.

Currently used state-of-the-art ink-jet printers deposit structures with a minimal diameter of 20 um, while the XTPL technology provides microdots as small as 1 um in diameter.


Minimal structure size 20 um


XTPL method

Minimal current structure size 1 um



XTPL logo pattern composed of microdots with a diameter approx. 3.5 um deposited on the glass.


Parallel lines printed with approx. 3 um width and 5 um distance.


Parallel lines printed with designed length and position of the gap. Printed lines have 6 um width and 50 um interline distance.


Printed trails with 4 um width.


Diagonal lines printed with various interline distance from 2- 50 um every 5 um.

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