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Letter to Shareholders of XTPL

Dear Shareholders,


“Ever since the dawn of the smartphone age, back when we started making serious money, everyone has been asking me how we have managed to build a 32-billion-dollar company on nothing but designing processors – without going into manufacturing and without a recognizable brand. To that, I have one answer: it’s because of the homework we had been doing beforehand, in the isolation of our laboratories and in the offices of plant managers” – these are the words of Mike Muller, one of the founders of the British ARM Holdings and the creator of groundbreaking processor manufacturing solutions that outpaces the competition. Today, ARM technology is purchased by the top players in the industry: Apple, Samsung, LG and other market leaders.

“Think big” is not just an empty buzzword, which is why I have no doubt that the case of ARM is the one that we will follow as well: XTPL has been designed to provide the unique knowledge and technology sought by the world’s biggest industrial companies. We have set up a coherent process, the creation of which was preceded by solid homework – years of research and testing. The goal of our continuous, fast-paced progress is clear: XTPL solutions are to revolutionize the global industry. That is why we do not view ourselves as a start-up anymore, but rather as a scale-up, a global market challenger, a company entering the most intensive period of its development.

Rather than using vague words like “innovation”, I prefer to present the achievements and measures that are bringing us ever-closer to our objective – the universal take-up of our solutions in industry. We are in more than a dozen open, active discussions with potential partners interested in joint development of XTPL technology under JDAs (joint development) or JVs (joint venture) agreements. Our business development department is keeping closely in touch with a large and growing number of potential clients, who have clearly expressed their interest in a possibility to purchase our nanoprinting solutions. This group includes major, well known companies from the USA and around the world. Silicon Valley, Anaheim, Berlin, Miami, Hanover – these are just a few of the places where XTPL representatives are set to appear in the near future – invited both to the largest trade fairs and to the vast offices of industry leaders.

Technological barriers are meant to be broken. This is why we are finishing our preparations to launch the production of laboratory printers. Earlier on, we overcame another technological limit: using our unique method, protected by an international patent application, we have managed to print conductive lines thinner than 100 nm – an unparalleled level of precision that cannot be replicated by any other printing method in the world. This breakthrough has put us on the map and attracted attention of manufacturers of electronics, displays, photovoltaic technology, biosensors, and others. This resulted in us signing letters of intent with companies from different continents whose combined revenues are measured in billions of dollars. From Germany, through China, to Canada and the USA – we have partners interested in doing business with us and implementing our breakthrough nanoprinting technology.

The potential benefits are worth pursuing: the value of the entire market of printed electronics in 2017 was estimated at USD 29.3bn. In 2027, this amount is forecast to reach USD 73bn. Today we realize that – much like ARM before the smartphone age – what we are currently witnessing is just the beginning of a boom spurred by technological breakthroughs. Due to the platform-like nature of XTPL solutions, they can be utilized in many fast-growing industries. We are continuously exploring and verifying new application areas for our technology, beyond the display or photovoltaic cell sectors – those include biosensors, anti-counterfeiting solutions, and microelectronics industries.

As nanoparticle specialists, we know particularly well that size truly matters. Therefore, in 2018 we will work on expanding XTPL together with a growing number of mentors and investors, including international ones. We are establishing an international Advisory Board to support our commercial projects. This positive, growth-promoting bit of upheaval also includes XTPL’s transition to the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (pending) and the planned parallel listing of the Company on the Open Market in Frankfurt. After all, even with such a breakthrough technology at our disposal, we stick to the basic principle: in the eyes of investors, the title of a top business achiever has to be earned by hard work.


Yours faithfully,

Filip Granek




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