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XTPL carries out a commercial order for an industrial partner

  • XTPL is finalizing another transaction for the sale of its unique nano-ink;
  • Delivery is carried out for one of the major players from the EMEA region operating in the display industry and several other advanced electronics sectors;
  • The sale of the nano-ink confirms the partner’s interest in the XTPL technology, opens further commercial opportunities and makes the company more credible.

XTPL has finalized another delivery of a nano-ink developed in the company’s laboratories. The transaction confirms the partner’s significant interest in XTPL technology and marks the entry to the next level of the business relationship between entities. Importantly, this client operates on the display market, as well as in several other advanced electronics sectors prospective for XTPL, which significantly increases the scope for potential cooperation.

– Our next customer produces, among others, devices for production lines dedicated to the display industry. This is an international group with headquarters in the EMEA region. The purchase of our nano-ink by a partner with whom we are talking about the implementation of our technology brings the company closer to the commercial entry into the advanced electronics market – says Dr. Filip Granek, CEO of XTPL.

Nano-inks synthesised by the Polish company are of interest to producers from several industry sectors because they show innovative physicochemical properties. It is, among other things, the ground-breaking formulas of the nano-inks that allow XTPL to achieve such excellent results when it comes to printing precision.

– The right choice of ink has a significant impact on the obtained structures. The physico-chemical properties of the ink can be modified with the help of special additives. XTPL ink formulations are unique and protected by international patent applications. This is one of the elements that causes XTPL to be on the technological maps of the leaders of several industry sectors, as well as that the company strengthens relations with their suppliers – adds Filip Granek

Due to the need for confidentiality, the XTPL client did not agree to disclose its name. It is a significant player from the advanced electronics market with headquarters in the EMEA region. In recent months, XTPL has announced the signing of further agreements with strong partners such as BOE (global display market leader) or HPK and Cowin – manufacturers of defect repair devices for such giants as LG Display, CSOT or Tianma. XTPL currently works with these entities on advanced proof of concept projects to solve technological challenges not only for current but also for future generations of products.



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