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XTPL S.A. joins forces with Yi Xin Technology to expand its operations in China

XTPL S.A., a world leader of ground-breaking nanoprinting solutions for the global electronics market, is expanding its presence in the Chinese market by starting cooperation with Yi Xin Technology, who will distribute the Company’s technological solutions in China.


Established in 2011, Yi Xin Technology specializes in additive technologies and the search for innovative solutions dedicated to the printed electronics segment ( The new XTPL distributor has an extensive network of relationships with major Chinese research institutes and industrial manufacturers from the display, touch panel and semiconductor sectors.

“We are very happy to  start the cooperation with Yi Xin Technology for distribution of our technology and products in China. This collaboration is the result of our efforts to grow the outreach to  potential customers in the Chinese market.  The production of modern displays, touch screens, microelectronics and advanced PCBs is strong and continuously expanding in China. XTPL technology has an important role to play in these sectors. We established contact with Yi Xin Technology, which became interested in our unique technology and our operations. The team at Yi Xin presented us with a list of initial projects in which they believe that our technology could be used with their partners in China. We have started an analysis of these proposals to select those that will be best suited to us and will allow our technology to be taken effectively to the next stages of commercialization. We hope that our cooperation will very soon bring expected benefits to both parties. Certainly, an important aspect of this relationship is that the distributor will be also responsible for formal aspects relating to the introduction of our products to the local market, including obtaining the necessary security certificates and attestations required in commercial transactions,” says Filip Granek, CEO of XTPL S.A.

“Our vision is to become a leader among suppliers of innovative technologies for the largest electronics manufacturers in our country. We have extensive experience, knowledge and ability to search for revolutionary technological solutions, which in our opinion are an excellent response to production problems which arise as technology progresses, including efficiency and cost optimization issues. We have built a strong innovation base and a strong ecosystem of partners in the China and Hong-Kong regions. The XTPL nanoprinting technology is disruptive and unique. We believe it has a high potential and can be a source of further competitive advantages for us and our partners. We are very happy that we can start a promising cooperation,” says Simon Hao, Managing Director of Yi Xin Technology.

Through the Chinese distributor, XTPL intends to first launch the rapid prototyping printers – Delta Printing System – and its proprietary nanoinks offer on the regional market. This will be possible thanks to Yi Xin Technology’s database of contacts with scientific and research institutions and renowned universities, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“We note that universities and research centers in China cooperate closely with the industry and  are helping in creating solutions to advanced technological problems. Thus, we see a potential here for the sale of our inks and for further commercialization of the Delta printer, a demonstrator of our technology. In Europe, our potential customers can already see our printer in operation in Stuttgart. We look forward to making it possible soon in, for example, China and Hong Kong. This is extremely important due to the fact that potential customers will have a geographically convenient place where they will be able to familiarize themselves with our technology and decide on its industrial implementation – which ultimately is our strategic goal,” Filip Granek explained.

It should be noted that in March this year XTPL announced the start of cooperation with a strategic partner from South Korea, which will represent the Company on the local market and will help it in the commercialization of its nanoprinting technology in the FPD (flat panel display) industry. Bandi Consortia and XTPL made their first contact in 2020, when the Korean partner started the process of evaluating the technology developed by the Company. The positive outcome of this process encouraged Bandi and XTPL to increase their commitment to the joint venture.



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